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Little Ducklings is located on the beautiful campus of New Direction Christian Church at 5330 East 38th Street.

We’re next door to the 38th Street Library. To schedule a tour of our facility call 317 544-2000.

We accept CCDF vouchers.

We accept infants.

Educational curriculum provided by Emerge Curriculum Publishing www.emergecurriculum.com

Welcome to Little Ducklings!

"Immaculately clean, well structured, Christian environment.”

These are words that describe Little Ducklings Daycare Ministry. We provide care and academic instruction to children from three months old through kindergarten level.

At Little Ducklings we provide the very best in childcare while focusing our attention upon academic excellence and physical, social and character development. Our staff has been carefully chosen and trained to provide the care and instruction your child needs. Your child will receive both quality care and quality Instruction, preparing him or her for first grade.

Our curriculum is designed and administered by our own on-sight curriculum specialist: Dr. Kenneth E. Sullivan who holds a Ph.D. in curriculum and instructional materials development.

The Emerge curriculum has been planned and designed to assess the level of skills and knowledge of each child and to build from the foundation up. The Emerge curriculum includes instruction and experience in foundational skills, reading and writing skills, early math skills and advance vocabulary skills. The lessons and activities provided in the curriculum are wide and varied, in order to insure a thorough and complete learning experience.

Our History
Little Ducklings was established in 1988 byJoyce Sullivan. Because of her husband’s fondness for ducks he requested that the center be named Little Ducklings. The center immediately began to grow and within two years she was running at full capacity. The demands for her services were so great that she had to turn parents away. In order to accommodate demand Joyce decided to move the center to the church and register it as a daycare ministry where it continued to grow. For more than twenty years, Little Ducklings has helped to raise and educate children and some of those same children we cared for as infants are now returning with their own children, remembering the quality of care they received.

Learning & Growing

Advance Vocabulary Skills

Words are the tools of self-expression. Judgments are made about us based on our ability or inability to express ourselves with words. A strong vocabulary contributes to greater achievement levels in school and later in college. A strong vocabulary increases comprehension and retention. Our curriculum provides instruction in over one hundred advance vocabulary words in a simple, easy to understand and remember format. Each word is accompanied by several pictures, providing definition by association. Hundreds of colorful pictures help students to bridge the gap between oral definition and the imagination. Words like: aquatic, foliage, melancholy, ascend, descend, cylinder, furious, collide, aroma, submerge and surface are just a few examples of the rich variety of advance vocabulary words which will equip students to express themselves intelligently.

While the emerge curriculum is comprehensive it provides the added benefit of incorporating language and vocabulary development into all the subjects. Even the math activities are designed to build strong math skills while reinforcing language development and vocabulary building. 

Foundational Skills Development

The curriculum includes a comprehensive pre and post exam, memory verses, colors, shapes, similar and dissimilar objects, pairing objects, left to right orientation, opposites, size, length and height comparisons and classification, content comparisons, position and location and all the foundational skills that should be mastered before entering first grade. Learning is reinforced in a way that engages and challenges each child. Colorful work pages accent each lesson providing the opportunity for each student to demonstrate his or her grasp and understanding of the materials. The activities are interesting and engaging, promoting a high level of interest.

Math Skills Development

Math skills include: counting and writing numbers, number placement, number group comparisons, counting and matching, horizontal picture addition, horizontal number addition, vertical picture addition, vertical number addition, clocks and time, counting and adding things we see around us, measuring things, subtraction, graphs, patterns, and all the math skills that should be mastered before entering first grade. Words from the vocabulary curriculum are also presented in the math curriculum for the purpose of added exposure and reinforcement.

Reading and Writing Skills Development

Reading and Writing skills development includes: learning and writing the alphabet, capital letters, spelling, vowel and consonants, word/picture match, rhyming words, sentence writing, phonic sounds and blends, and all the reading and writing skills that should be mastered before entering first grade. Words from the vocabulary curriculum are also presented in the reading and writing curriculum for the purpose of added exposure and reinforcement.

For more information about our full line of educational products and services visit our website at www.emergecurriculum.com.

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